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Dr. Lowry has had a lifelong connection with Nature's wisdom and respect for natural healing. This led her to travel to India, New Zealand, Australia and Europe to gain clinical experience in a variety of traditional and holistic medical approaches. She pursued Osteopathic medicine because it provided full traditional medical training, while approaching patient care from an individualized whole-person, health-oriented, integrative medical orientation that incorporated hands-on Osteopathic treatment to enhance the optimal functioning of the intrinsic natural healing capacity within each person. She received her DO degree from A.T. Still University in Kirksville, MO, followed by post-graduate clinical training at Eastmoreland Osteopathic and Legacy Hospitals in Portland, OR. The heart of her work for over 35-years of holistic integrative Osteopathic care has been to accompany patients of all ages to explore, discover and heal what underlies their symptoms of dis-ease, in ways that free up and restore access to their intrinsic wellspring of greater aliveness, health and integral wholeness. Dr. Lowry find great satisfaction helping patients of all ages, especially when there has been a challenging life event, injury, or illness after which they never seemed to fully recover. She especially enjoys treating newborns, children and teens to support their healthy growth and development. Understanding the significant negative impact unresolved childhood trauma has on health and longevity, documented by the ACES (Adverse Childhood Experiences Study), she is particularly passionate about providing trauma-informed care for those who have experienced developmental, relational and/or attachment trauma who desire to experience greater health and wellbeing. To this end, She pursued specialized training in this field that safely and gently assists patients to explore, discover and heal the embodied unresolved trauma held within their system that impedes a more harmonious relationship with themselves, with important others and with Life itself.

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